OUR PROGRAMME to 30th June 2019

Calendar Girls - Talk and Film - 21st June

We are delighted to have Tricia Stewart, one of the original Calendar Girls to talk to us in the Forum Cinema. The Calendar Girls film will be shown and Tricia will talk about how it was made and will answer some questions. More information is available here.


Our Latest News

Our Weekend Away

Over the weekend of the 19/20 May, some 20 or so club members and their partners spent a couple of days exploring the Gatehouse of Fleet, near Dumfies in Scotland. Full story here.

An Evenings Stroll

25th April 2019 - John Robinson organised an evening's ramble for our members around the village of Wall including a section of The Wall. Full account here.

Hexham Clean Up

Hexham Rotary took part in the “Take Pride in Hexham – Clean Up” organised by the Hexham Community Partnership. Six of us took part, lead by Peter Trevelyan on the 2nd April. More Info

We have a new Member

On Monday at our lunch meeting Kaye Mullen was inducted into the club and welcomed by our President. More here

Collecting for the Mozambique Cyclone Disaster

On Tuesday 26th March, we joined with Tynedale Rotary collecting in Fore Street to send money to aid the recovery in Mozambique, Malawi and Zimbabwe. Teams of two spent an hour each on a cold and windy day collecting from 10 am to 4pm. The money will be channelled to the disaster through Rotary charities ensuring it reaches those who need it intact.

10 Years as an RAF Media Specialist

Monday 25th March was an evening meeting in the Abbey Great Hall and we were entertained by Squadron Leader Tony Newton who gave a fascinating account of his switch to join the RAF Reserve in his forties. His account of the selection process and his trials and tribulations was eye-opening culminating with his description of an exercise wearing full Nuclear, Biological and Chemical protection including a respirator and trying to operate a laptop in an hostile envoronment.

Our President's Night

Organised by the President Elect, Andy Rigg, our President’s Night on the 16th March was a great success. 60 members of the Club and their guests sat down to a three course meal in the Beaumont Hotel. Among the guests were the incoming District Governor, Jaqui Molyneux, and the Presidents of Hadrians Wall and Tynedale Rotary Clubs and their partners. More here.

The Hard Way to Everest

The evening of Tuesday 12th March was an event to raise money for our "Disaster Fund" and for Doug Scott's Nepalese Charity. We managed to fill the Forum Cinema to hear Doug Scott speak on his life, his charity and how he climbed Everest. It was a fascinating evening with the ability to buy Nepalese goods, books by Doug Scott and some amazing posters of mountains. Doug was an excellent speaker who showed us his passion for climbing and his friendship with like minded people. More about his talk is featured here.

Computing and the Classics

Nick Rossiter gave us an interesting talk on Monday 11th March based on his career at various universities. Although a chemist initially he branched out into various aspects of computing and gave an interesting account of how computers had developed over the last 40 years with particular emphasis on relational databases and data management. He finished by showing similarities between his work and the ancient Greek Philosophers.

A Fishy Tale

Monday 4th March saw John Dumbrell talking about his trip to the Jurassic Lake, Lago Strobel, in Argentina fishing for large Rainbow trout. He had time to explore the capital and turned his talk into a travelogue. More details

A Talk by Journey

Our meeting last Monday (25th Feb) featured Daybreak Journey in a talk by Linzie Metcalfe and Maggie Leadbeater.
Daybreak is a charity supporting adults with learning disabilities and additional needs. Daybreak currently have three hubs; Hexham (Northumberland), Coundon (Co Durham) and Montagu (Newcastle). All their hubs have a fantastic array of activities from a training bakery (Hexham), horticultural market garden (Minsteracres) and a dance and drama programme (Montagu). Each hub provides an extensive independent living skills programme which is tailored to meet individual needs, such as healthy living, cooking, travel training, relationships and employment. have a look and see their website at

A Visit to Wark and the Dark Skies Observatory

Wednesday 20th February proved an interesting evening for the 26 of our members who had dinner in the Battlesteads Hotel in Wark followed by a visit to their Observatory. More here.

Our Donations

We have now completed our donations to charitable causes following our collections at Christmas Time when the generous public in Hexham donated £2,313 to our good causes. This enabled us to give £771 to three Hexham charities - The West Northumberland Food Bank, Hexham Youth Initiative and The Tynedale Hospice. More details on our Donations Page


Today, Monday 18th Feb, one of our own member, Jane Chalmers, talked to us about Resilience and how it can make a difference to our lives and how the concept can be used to improve peronal and club relationships.

The Truth about Cancer

Our evening meeting at the Beaumont Hotel on Monday 11th February was particularly interesting as Professor Herbie Newell talked about cancer. Speaking from a background of 45 years in cancer research, he described what cancer is and outlined the enormous developments made in the treatment over the last ten years. He then went on to describe how treatment might change in the future. A great talk.

A Submariner's Life

Ian White, at our evening meeting in the Abbey on Monday 28th January, gave us an excellent account of his life in the Royal Navy serving on submarines. His humerous talk took us through his training and eventual service on several submarines and included the pros and cons of submarine life - more cons than pros!!

Robots, AI and APPS

Today, 21st January, our speaker was Dr Keith Morris who gave us a glimse of 21st Century Health Care and what IT has to offer and how he thinks it will affect us.- more

Holiday Disasters

At our meeting on Monday 14th January, Ron Henry gave a slide presentation on two recent holidays - more

Hedley & Juliet Raise £200 for ShelterBox

On Saturday 12th January Hedley and Juliet Novis held a Soup Kitchen in aid of ShelterBox - more

We enrol 2 new Members

At our first meeting of 2019, President Roy enrolled two new Rotarians bringing our numbers up to 43. Andrew Moore and Brian Earl were welcomed into the club with a short ceremony and both said how delighted they were to be able to join us and looked forward to taking part in all our activities.

Christmas Collections

From the 18th to 21st December we collected for charities in Fore Street Hexham and raised the sum of £1,881 which will be shared equally with our three nominated charities, Tynedale Hospice at Home, West Northumberland Food Bank and Hexham Youth Initiative. More and pictures here.

Our Christmas Dinner - Monday 17th December

We celebrated Christmas in style with a traditional Christmas Dinner attended by 60 members and guests at the Beaumont hotel in Hexham. We were entertained by Bishop Stephen Pedley who took us back to 1951 and the penguin books issue of Pevenser's Counties of England. Northumberland came out a little later and the Bishop reminded us of Hexham's historic past.

Monday 10th Dec - a busy evening

Tonight we had two special events, firstly an excellent combined talk from Hexham Middle School & Queen Elizabeth High School on how we might help them (see more here). After this our President Elect, Andy Rigg, was presented with the District 1030 Fishing Trophy - picture and story here.

A Tall Tales Evening

1 December - an evening of Tall Tales convincingly recited in the Great Hall of Hexham Abbey - More.

Admiral Collingwood

This evening, 26th Nov, we were entertained by Iain Moffat who told us about Admiral Collingwood, Nelson's deputy at Trafalgar who took over on Nelson's death - a fascinating story, more here.

A Visit to Trinity House

On November 22nd 30 Rotarians and Friends visited Trinity House in Newcastle. More


We are looking to improve our programmes for local schools and our youth.

To contact our Youth Committee. email

We hear about Luocare

Dr Ann Egan tells the story of a small charity that helps widows in a remote part of Kenya. More.

We commemorate the Armistice

On Monday 12th November, at our evening meeting, we had a special reading of letters from the front. Helen lead the way as the narrator and full details are available here.

Lord Stevens talks to Hexham Rotary

Last Monday 29th October, we were privileged to have Lord Stevens as our speaker at dinner in the Abbey Great Hall. Lord Stevens is a former Chief Constable of Northumberland, More on his talk here.

A new Artistic Director for Queen's Hall

Today, 15th October, at lunchtime, we heard the latest about Queen's Hall

Helping Disabled Scouts in Uganda.

This evening, 8th October, Ben and Jan Herdan told us of their charity in Uganda which helps disabled children increase their confidence and self esteem. A full account is here.


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