A Talk on Admiral Collingwood

speakerOn Monday 26th November we were fortunate to have Iain Moffat as our speaker who described to us the fascinating life of Admiral Cuthbert Collingwood. Iain started by detailing his early life and upbringing in Newcastle before, at the age of 12, he joined the Navy as a ship’s boy. With little or no patronage he rose slowly through the ranks by virtue of his seamanship, courage and attention to detail. Although some ten years older than Nelson, he served under himShip and they formed a firm friendship. Collingwood was the victor of several famous naval engagements and took command at Trafalgar when Nelson was killed. His later career was distinguished with his service in the Mediterranean where his patriotism and diplomatic skills were much in demand. Sadly when he eventually retired, he died on the voyage back to England. He married late in life and, throughout his career, he was only able to spend 4 years at home in England.
It was a most interesting talk and, afterwards, Iain answered a multitude of questions from an enthusiastic audience.