An Evening's Stroll


Rotary Walk – 25th April 2019

startThe plan was for a five mile walk, starting at 4.15pm; however, after over two weeks of sunny and settled weather, the forecast was for this to break at exactly 4.00pm on the 25th! Consequently, I suggested a delayed start for a shorter walk – the forecasters were one hundred per cent accurate as the heavens opened at precisely 4.00pm. Fortunately, the clouds cleared fairly quickly and when we met at the north end of Wall village, the sun had appeared.
Sixteen Rotarians and partners set off towards Brunton House and then up towards Planetrees, visiting a section of Hadrian’s Wall, at the point where the width of the Wall clearly changes from three Wallmeters to two; then a steep uphill section to Crag House and on to the open plateau above Fallowfield with good views of Hexham and the Tyne valley. We circled round to Fallowfield farm and then down through the fields and the old lane back to Wall – a three and a half mile circuit – just as the rain started to fall again.
We met four more members at the Crown at Humshaugh where we all enjoyed an excellent meal.