Cleaning up Hexham

groupHexham Rotary took part in the “Take Pride in Hexham – Clean Up” organised by the Hexham Community Partnership. Six of us took part, lead by Peter Trevelyan on the 2nd April. We were tasked with cleaning Beaumont Street and St Mary’s Wynd over two and half hours starting at midday. Prior to meeting up, we had been given a very comprehensive Health and Safety Instruction together with information on protective clothing which would be issued to us. We assembled just before 12 at the Bowling Green and put on our yellow waistcoats and protective gloves. We then chose our implements which ranged from hand pickers, brooms, dust pans and brushes to trowels, scissors (for cutting notices off railings), sponges and buckets. We were also given a voucher for a cup of coffee at the Deli at No 4 and a badge in case we got lost!
We started at the top of Beaumont Street and worked our way down – mainly leaves and twigs on the Park side and cigarette butts on the other. St Mary’s Wynd offered the biggest challenge and a large amount of litter was cleared up from there. We noticed a large number of litter bins on our way round and how careless people were of using them!!
We finished our stint in just under two hours and those of us with time to spare enjoyed our free coffee from the Deli which we drank sitting on a bench in the sun by the abbey church. (we carefully disposed of the cups in the adjacent bin.) The weather was quite kind to us – it only hailed once during the picking and once more as we finished our coffee.