Luocare Charity

Luo Care - a charity helping widows in Kenya


AnnEganDr Ann Egan told us of her small charity that helps widows in a remote part of rural Kenya. She described how in this part of Kenya the local stigma that attached to HIV prevented men from admitting they were infective. This has led to great difficulties and a high percentage of widows in this small area. The area survives on subsistance farming and the widows have no money to pay for their treatment for HIV and, if they go untreated, they will die which will leave more orphans to care for. Treatment is available if you are employed and can afford the £45 annual premium to join the Kenyan healthcare scheme NHiF. The widows cannot afford this although the scheme would cover them and their children.

This is where Luo Care steps in. Ann Egan set up this charity to provide the £45 annually for each widow they sponsor. This quote from their website says it all "

"It only costs £45 to give a widow and all her children health insurance for one year. Since we set up Luo Care 3 years ago, we have registered 125 widows and 495 of their children. Thanks to the generosity of donors, they are guaranteed medical treatment whenever they need it."

There are over 300 widows in this part of Kenya and Luo Care is hoping eventually to be able to help them all. Full details can be found of this remarkable charity on their website at