Estancia Laguna Verde

Estancia Laguna Verde - The Ranch by the Green Lake - was where John stayed during his fishing trip to Argentina.

cemeteryGetting there involved a 13 hour flight from London to Buenos Aires, an overnight stay a three hour flight south to El Calafate with another overnight stay and then a 5 hour drive on roads and tracks to the Eatancia.

On the way he had a tour of BA, which highlighted the cemetary which was almost a town in itself with roads, squares and house sized mausoleums. It was also a favourite place for the locals to have an aftenoon walk.

glacierEarly next morning, it was off to the airport for the flight to El Calafate - the 3hour flight passed over miles of empty countryside with a very sparse population - 90% of Argentines live in the cities. The country is the eigth largest in the world 30 times bigger than the UK with only two thirds of the population.

El Calafate is in the Glaciers National Park and, after lunch, John visited the Perito Moreno glacier, a sight well worth the hours drive, it is enormous!!

fishNext day it was off on the final leg to the Estancia where he arrived for a quick lunch before beeing taken straight to one of the local lakes to fish. This marked the start of seven days hard fishing from 10am to 7pm with an hour for lunch. Lake Strobel is about 10x8 miles in size and lies in a depression with cliffs about 300 feet high. As it is in the roaring forties there is always a strong wind. The wind blows the fly life to the end of the lake, so everyone is always casting stright into the wind. But the fish make it all worthwhile they average about 10lbs and fight fiercely.

The Estancia accommodation was simple but clean and the food was superb. The guides were excellent and prodide a cooked meal at lunch in a hut by the lake each day. An excellent trip.