Hexham Rotary are committed to combating the joint effects of the deadly tree disease of Ash Dieback (Ash Chalara) and the increase of atmospheric CO2 by undertaking to plant many Oak trees in Hexham. To this end, the Club President, Andrew Rigg, arranged two tree planting days. The first on Saturday 16th November to be followed by another on the 7th December.
groupOn Day 1, over 50 Oak trees were planted from acorns grown by Andrew and Elaine Rigg and collected from native Hexham oaks. 12 members of Hexham Rotary took part in the planting, despite the cold and damp conditions on the hillside overlooking Hexham.
A recent assessment in the Tyne Valley undertaken by Elaine has revealed that nearly half of hedgerow trees are Ash. Their loss over the next thirty years would have a tragic impact on the landscape in plantingNorthumberland. Many young Ash already have the disease.
Planting trees is also the best way to extract Carbon Dioxide from the atmosphere. The increase in the emissions of CO2 is recognised as the most critical contributory cause of global warming. Rotary Clubs in our local District are also involved in tree planting both locally and in Africa.
Hexham Rotary are grateful for the support of Northumberland County Council for this project. The next tree planting day is on December 7th when the good work will continue.
Andrew Rigg, President