Like other charities, our collections this year have suffered from Covid as we have not been able to collect as much as usual.

But these are our latest donations -

if you wish to help, you can also support us by donating to a project here

This Year starting 1 July 2021 we have made the following donations totalling £1750

£400 Hexham Community Centre (new lift)

£250 SEDCU Disabled children in Uganda

£250 St Paul's Charity Zambia (orphans)

£100 Hexham Abbey Concert

£175 Kids Out Shoeboxes

£500 Newcastle Cancer research

In our last year from July 2020 to June 2021 we donated a total of £19,291.00 to the following.

£1811 to India Appeal for Oxygen supplies for Covid. More here

£250 to TORCH

£250 to Gateway in the Community

£250 to Chrysalis

£609 Handcream to Hexham Hospital

£2,176 to The Rotary Foundation (water, education etc in the third world)

£550 to the Hextol Foundation

£550 to the Tynedale Hospice

£550 to the West Northumberland Food Bank

£75 to the Royal British Legion

£2220.00 to the Tynedale Hospice

£5000.00 Bursay to Core Music

£500.00 to 1st Hexham Scouts

£700.00 to North Tyne Youth

£1000.00 to the Hexham Youth Initiative

£1000.00 to the Corbridge Youth Initiative

£700.00 to Prudhoe Youth Project

£1000.00 to Allendale Youth Ambition

£100.00 to Hexham Junior Netball.



Previous Annual Donations

£12,512.44 in 2019/20 details here.

£17149.19 in 2018/19