Together Again at Last

meetingAt last we are able to meet again  for fellowship and a meal. On the 2nd August 2021, 16 Club Members and 3 Guests sat down to lunch in the Beaumont. A Risk Assessment had been made and circulated to all prior to their arrival and mask and hand sanitizer were in use as people moved upstairs to our meeting room.
Discussions had been held with the Beaumont and our room was ready with the staff on hand to assist. Promptly at 12.45, Miles rang the bell and started our first F2F meeting since March 2020.  He commented that he was the first Hexham President to have not chaired a meeting for over a year.
After lunch, Miles presented Rita Marrison with a certificate for meritorious service, particularly mentioning her work with Foundation over the last year. Rita retired from the club on the 30th June but had led the Foundation Team over the lockdown period and was largely responsible for helping to raise our donation to Foundation in 2020/21.
After that it was Miles turn and Brian Massey presented him with his Past Presidents badge for  the year 2020/21 commenting that it was well deserved as his work had kept the club going during lockdown. 
Miles then gave us his views on the future and the meeting closed with the usual Rotary toast.