Rotary Magazine comes to Hexham

One of the advantages of using Zoom is that our speakers can come from anywhere in the World. Tonight we heard from the editor of the Rotary Magazine - Dave King - who gave us his unique view on the way ahead.

He started by outlining his career in journalism and showed how he had worked his way up from local newspapers to becoming a well known and respected Editor. He had an early connection with the North East and recently had even been involved in training reporters for the Hexham Courant.

He talked about the value of the local Press and the way they could help to promote Rotary. Stopries must be to the point and involve local people. If we use Facebook or Twitter we need to keep posting to them at least a couple of times each week. His view was that Twitter was easy to use and all Rotarians should be able to manage a Twitter account.

He pointed out that the way ahead meant change and we should examine the way we work and embrace new technology. It was an enthusiastic and enlivening meeting. Our President, Miles, thanked Dave for his excellent presentation.