The Latest Lockdown

Needless to say we are looking forward to December 2nd and the end of this lockdown. It has forced us to postpone our tree planting exercise and has curtailed our sales of Christmas Cards but some things were still possible.

wreath LayingOur president should have joined the Remembrance Day Service at the Hexham War Memorial on Sunday 8th December but the service was cancelled and only a few "official" wreaths were laid. wreath layingFortunately, later that morning, President Miles was taking his daily exercise past the Memorial and was able to add our wreath in memory of the fallen. Half a dozen Rotarians who were passing at a suitable distance at the time were able to pay their respects.

WE have also continued our Zoom Meetings with an excellent talk by Dave King, the editor of Rotary, on the 2nd Novemeber and we are looking forward to a talk on " Electrical Technologies for Emission Free Flight" on November 16th by Dr Malkin of Newcastle University.

Some of us also attended, on Zoom, the District Council Meeting on November 11th when Tom Griffin, the President of Rotary in Great Britain and Ireland gave an interesting talk on how Rotary is coping with Covid.

For the rest of this year, we have a talk by Lord Best on November 30th, Our Special General Meeting to elect our Officers on December 7th and a fun meeting tasting cheese and mince pies on the 21st December. This last will be followed by a Christmas Toast - all on Zoom of course.