Not the Great North Run

groupHexham Rotary carried out their first fund raising event on Sunday 13th September when Carol Malia from BBC North East started the event. It took place on Tyne Green in Hexham and the first one away was the Mayor of Hexham– Bob Hull - also a Rotarian.
start26 Rotarians and friends helped by Tynedale Hospice at Home volunteers took part, each walking 1 mile and a bit and thus collectively achieving the Marathon. Everyone was set off at one minute intervals to ensure social distancing and had raised money through sponsorship. The proceeds will be shared - 90% to Miles&bobbieTynedale Hospice and 10% to other Rotary charities.
Miles Middleton, President of the Rotary Club of Hexham, said “It is a difficult time to be a President of a Rotary Club as we cannot, of course,  undertake many of our fund raising activities so I thought a Marathon shared by us all, suitably distanced from one another might be a way of getting members back together as well as a way of raising money for a worthy cause. Why “Not the Great North Run”? Well it isn’t , is it and the “The Great North Walk” does not have the same ring to it”
AndyPThe sunny warm weather delighted the organisers and so far the money raised is - £1,597.06. Cathy Bates of Tynedale Hospice at Home, who also took part in the walk said “It’s a great idea and we are delighted that Rotary is helping us”

Many people in the background helped make the event a success, not least Ian Wylie who took the pictures. We had at least one anonymous walker which we think is Andy P?