Spectacles for Vision Aid

Led by Hexham Rotarian Adel Khudarieh, staff at Dickinson Optometrists in Hexham are involved in assisting the charity Vision Aid Overseas (VAO) in its drive to assist people with poor eyesight in some of the poorest areas of the world. Over one billion people worldwide cannot see properly without glasses and eighty nine percent of those people live in developing countries.

glassesThe redundant spectacles, collected by Dickinsons from their own clients and from others who wish to assist the charity by having their glasses recycled, are conveyed free of charge to VAO.  VAO then recycles the glasses for their precious metal content and the income generated is used to support their overseas programme. The programme consists of building vision centres where patients can receive a free eye test and be prescribed affordable new glasses, training local eye care workers and delivering eye care services to remote and isolated communities. 47915 eye tests have been carried out through Vision Aid Overseas activities in the last twelve months and  28363 pairs of glasses have been prescribed through them during the same period.

Dickinsons at 15 Battle Hill Hexham are very happy to receive redundant pairs of spectacles to support this work