MilesHexham Rotary is one of the oldest Rotary Clubs in the UK being founded in 1927. Despite this we are a forward looking club with an ambitious program to keep our members busy helping less fortunate people at home and overseas besides enjoying ourselves and having fun.

Each Rotary Year runs from 1 July to the 30th June and our President this year (2020/2021) is Miles Middleton. The club is completely democratic and the members have a final say in any decisions. A Club Council of 8 members oversees the running of the club but the major work is done in committees or teams of members each led by an experienced Rotarian. These teams are reponsible for the following activities. president.hexham@hexhamrotary.co.uk

The "Admin" team looks after the programme of events for Club Members and is led by our Roy Dallison, whose email is admin@hexhamrotary.co.uk

The "Service Projects" team is responsible for all the Club's projects which provide help and support to both local and international communities. They fund raise locally and the money raised is then used to help less fortunate people both here and abroad. Through the Rotary Foundation we can often enhance our projects with match funding from Rotary International. The team is led by Ben Herdan whose email is projects.hexham@hexhamrotary.co.uk.

The "Foundation" team have a special responsibility for encouraging members to donate to Rotary's own charity - The Rotary Foundation-. This charity helps fund club projects across the world with its major project the elimination of Polio. It is led by Richard Thornton. His email is foundation.hexham@hexhamrotary.co.uk

The "Membership" team looks after recruitment and membership retention and is led by Brian Massey. His email is membership@hexhamrotary.co.uk

Last but not least we have a team dedicated to fund raising for national or international disasters where a quick response is required. This team is also led by Brian Massey whose email is disaster@hexhamrotary.co.uk

Each Team puts forward its suggested programme for the year at a meeting of the club shortly before the beginning of the year and, at the same meeting, the incoming President outlines his objectives for ther year. His talk is shown here.